Ron Johns


These roses are all from my garden. Where I know the names, which isn't many, I've named them but over the last

20 years or so most of the names have got lost or forgotten. So the pink rose that grows over the elm stump

which died as a result of the elm disease becomes the "Elm Stump Rambler" and the red rose which grows beside

the bay is the "Bay Rose". Still "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" so it doesn't really matter.


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©Ron Johns January 2004. All rights reserved.

Apricot Rose

Arch Rose 2

Arch Rose 3

Cream Rose 1

Deep Yellow Rose

Elm Stump Rambler 1

Bay Rose 4

Dog Rose 1

Dog Rose Hips

Mands Rose 1

Pinky White Rose 1

Rambling Rector 23

Rambling Rector 2

Red Roses 2

Red Rose 7


Yellow Rose Bud 3

Rose Zeph 2

Roses in Clematis 1

Robins Pincushion 1



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