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Photographer: LeggeLinda studied fine art at Central Saint Martins College (part of the University of the Arts London), specialising in sculpture. Since graduating in 2003 she has exhibited in London and her home county of Northamptonshire as well as taking part in selected sculpture shows. Linda is an Associate member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors (ARBS).

"My work explores the use of line and space to describe nature and the body through multi-dimensional drawings - combining my interest in drawing, and how line can depict form, with the spatial presence and materiality of sculpture.

The starting point of my work is the natural world - both seen and unseen - what can be observed, but also what science (particularly physics) and ancient beliefs/mythology can reveal - paring down the detail to find the principle form.

We understand the scale and mass of our own bodies through everyday experience, and through this reference the lack of 'matter' and 'solidity' in my sculptures becomes more clearly apparent - their tenuous presence leading the viewer to question assumptions of the solidity and presence of their own physical form. By creating figures that are mostly space, their volume described by line, the forms become generic, non-specific.

The sculptures are made using metal wire and rods and found natural materials, resulting in work which often has the appearance of fragility but is actually surprisingly robust. They exist as part of their environment - drawn from it rather than imposing upon it, the surroundings viewed within as well as around the sculptures. As the seasons change so the sculptures' interaction with their environment changes. The fine lines and their intersections attract moisture, with raindrops captured, and frost and mist forming upon them. Metal is used in its natural state, and the action of weather gradually transforms the colour and texture. On bright days, or in artificial light, the sculptures cast shadows on their surroundings, recreating their form in two dimensions."

Linda posts updates about her latest artworks and events on her Facebook page (when she remembers).

You can see Linda's sculptures exhibited in various public sites and sculpture gardens, as well as at Lion Street Gallery, Hay-on-Wye, HR3 5AA

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Current and forthcoming exhibitions

Burghley House Sculpture Gardens: Naturally Sculpture
A wide range of sculptures in the beautiful gardens.

Gyosei Art Trail
Permanent sculpture trail. Arachne weaves is along the boardwalk between the canal and Willen Park, Milton Keynes.

Body weave V at The Open University
Sculpture walk showing work by various artists in the grounds of the Open University campus, Milton Keynes

Art in Salcey Forest
Ongoing exhibition of sculptures in this beautiful woodland - see map and guide for details.

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