Art in Salcey Forest

Please note, bearing in mind the current felling operations I have decided to remove some sculptures and resite them next Spring (2015). Currently there are three sculptures to be seen in the forest:
Regeneration II
Found object/Webs
Spirit weave III
I will arrange walks once the sculptures are resited (expected to be Spring 2015). The new sites will probably include some to the west of the current walk to take account of future planned felling work. If you would like details of the walks and other events, please contact me.

The original series of nine sculptures was inspired by my observations and experiences whilst walking in Salcey Forest. I have since shown some of the sculptures in venues across the East Midlands and in London. New works have been installed, an old favourite returned and one resited. There are currently three sculptures in Salcey Forest.

The sculptures combine images of archetypal inhabitants our ancestors 'saw' in forests and other wild places, with inspiration from quantum theories of energy and inter-relatedness, and my ongoing interest in depicting three-dimensional forms through line. The sculptures are made from fine wires and natural materials, blending with their environment rather than imposing upon it - if you look closely you will discover forms which I hope will add to your enjoyment of this very special place. See images of the sculptures and the map (also available on postcards you can pick up in the forest).

A guide to the art walk:
(The nearest car park to the walk is the Horse Box car park off the Bulls Head Road.)

Walking along the main trail from the car park, turn left at the waymarker into the Woodpecker walk.

A short distance along you will find to your right in a clearing
Regeneration II - Six willow trees rooted from wood sourced in this area have been planted to grow into three arches and ultimately join into one tree.

Follow the path bearing right (another path goes to the left) to stay on the Woodpecker trail. Pass information post i6, and continue on until the path turns again to the right.

Continue along this trail passing a newly cleared path to the right, go over the bridge, you will come to a 't-junction', turn right and walk alongside an area of beech trees, at the end of this path take the small trail almost opposite and follow this as it leads into a pretty and secluded area of woodland (which is carpeted in bluebells in the Spring). Across the next bridge you will find
Wood spirit - a found object, the weathered root of a fallen Oak which has always reminded me of a forest spirit - I have subtly accentuated the features using woodstain and sandpaper
and Webs - stainless wire spiderwebs, some made with wire the thickness of a human hair
... see if you can spot them all!

Continue along the path and turn left onto a wider trail - near the end of the trail is a large ash tree on your left where you will see
Spirit weave II - The 'spirit' of an ash tree emerging from the trunk. Woven using lines of stainless steel wire to suggest the patterns of the bark.

Turn right just past this tree to walk along a more open trail. At the 'cross-roads' turn right, follow the path and continue on past the bench to the next 'cross-roads' turning left (towards the car park)


I can often be found walking around the area - don't be surprised if you see me making more work, taking photographs, or doing drawings as I continue to be inspired by the forest.

Getting there
By car:
There are two main car parks in Salcey Forest:
Horse box car park (nearest): parking and information
Cafe car park: parking, information, cafe, children's play area and picnic area

By public transport:
Nearest rail station: Milton Keynes Central or Northampton (see train timetables)
Bus 33 from Northampton or Milton Keynes Central to Hartwell