I see my sculptures as multi-dimensional drawings. Through sensitive use of form and material, I create delicate-seeming but actually robust forms which become part of their environment rather than imposing upon it, adding an element of mystery and discovery. I use fine wires to weave patterns that outline figures, and construct forms which appear to float in space. Using pine needles in geodesic triangulation I have developed a technique which allows the construction of life-size figures from this fragile material. When creating what might be viewed as more traditional drawings I use the minimum of lines to express movement and form, and have brought this into my sculpture to create three-dimensional line drawings with a similar aesthetic using metal rods, and on occasion natural materials.

Body weave IIIFlight (detail)Dancing figures (detail)Woven face III (detail)Death's head hawk mothPine needle figure IVRegeneration (detail)

Current and forthcoming exhibitions

Burghley House Sculpture Gardens: Naturally Sculpture
A wide range of sculptures in the beautiful gardens.

Gyosei Art Trail
Permanent sculpture trail. Arachne weaves is along the boardwalk between the canal and Willen Park, Milton Keynes.

Body weave V at The Open University
Sculpture walk showing work by various artists in the grounds of the Open University campus, Milton Keynes

Art in Salcey Forest
Ongoing exhibition of sculptures in this beautiful woodland - see map and guide for details.

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