Art in Salcey Forest

I'd like to thank the Forestry Commission once again for their ongoing support and installation of the art walk in Salcey Forest.

The sculptures interact with the forest through the various weather and seasonal changes - do visit at different seasons if you can. See the Art walk guide and map (also available on postcards in the forest) for details of where the sculptures can be found. The following images show the sculptures just after the latest installation was completed (July 2011):

Wood spirit II

Wood spirit II
Ash (found material)
The top of a fallen ash tree trimmed and placed upright to represent the antlers of another forest spirit. I added a spiders web as an initial 'gift' for the forest and visitors continue to add their own gifts to make this a wishing tree. Feel free to add your own gift/wish.

February 2012 update: The support wires between which I wove a web have stretched to a point where they were no longer safe. These have been removed and the web and all associated gifts/wishes have been moved to the left-hand tines.

July 2012 update: Vandals have caused some damage to this sculpture which I have temporarily repaired - I will review this further in the near future.



Hazel and pine
Three uprights of machined pine wood with three spirals of hazel as a new 'tree' in an area which is being allowed to naturally regenerate following the removal of the pine tree plantation. A wild honeysuckle has been planted to grow up this sculpture. After three years in the forest the sculpture is beginning to naturally decay and while currently stable you should take care if you wish to get close.

February 2012 update: Regeneration has now fallen and will be left to decay naturally as though it was a fallen tree. Regeneration II, a growing sculpture, will be installed soon to provide a new focus in this area.

Autumn 2012 update: I am currently working with the Forestry Commission to clear an area for Regeneration II, which will be installed in time for the Spring relaunch.


Falling seeds

Falling seeds
Mild steel rod
The spiral pattern of an Ash seed falling, hanging from an Ash tree

July 2012 update: Unfortunately this sculpture has been broken and much of the metal taken by vandals. A new sculpture will be installed here in time for the Spring relaunch.


Geodesic weave

Geodesic body weave
Brass wire
An inhabitant of the wood, 'contemplating' beside a stream. This sculpture is 'in process' - the clay of the original former has now mostly fallen away from the brass wire of the final work, whilst spiders have woven multiple webs inside the figure


Wood spirit

Fine web

Wood spirit and Webs
Oak (found material); stainless steel wire and glass beads
Regular visitors to this part of the forest may well recognise this particular fallen tree. Working carefully with what already exists I have used woodstain and sanding to subtly emphasise and define the 'spirit' I see when walking here. I have now added nine spider webs in the surrounding trees, woven from stainless steel wire (some incorporate glass beads) - see if you can spot them all!


Spirit weave II

Spirit weave II
Stainless steel wire
The 'spirit' of an ash tree emerging from the trunk. Woven using lines of stainless steel wire to represent the patterns of the bark


Dancing figures

Dancing figures
Mild steel
The first three of an installation sculpture which will eventually form a complete circle

June 2012 update: The next three figures are now installed!


Stainless steel wire
Nine spheres joined in a single disc which spins gently in the breeze to suggest the phases of the moon


Body weave II

Body weave II
Copper wire
A ghostly figure suspended in this Oak tree

Details of the exhibition, guided walks and workshops. (Some images of the original sculptures have been made into Giclee prints).

Getting there
By car:
There are two main car parks in Salcey Forest:
Horse box car park (nearest): parking and information
Cafe car park: parking, information, cafe, children's play area and picnic area

By public transport:
Nearest rail station: Milton Keynes Central or Northampton (see train timetables)
Bus 33 from Northampton or Milton Keynes Central to Hartwell