Continuing the development of thoughts on the connections and dichotomies between myth and m-theory this second series of drawings were shown in an exhibition at Barton Hall, Kettering during Northamptonshire Open Studios, September 2011:

ConnectionThrough our senses we experience the world, yet m-theory tells us our perceptions are false - space and energy form the universe, minute strings vibrating through up to 11 dimensions, creating what we perceive to be solid matter.

Our ancestors tried to explain natural energies giving them the shape we are most familiar with, our own. For them, what we view as myth was information vital for understanding their place in the world. Now we look to science to explain the inexplicable but most of us still only really grasp what we discover by reference to ourselves, our own form, our perceptions.

Will our descendents look back at our understanding and view it as myth.


You may also be interested in the life studies which were shown alongside the original exhibition, and the first series of drawings which began with a new look at the figure in mythology.

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