Art in Salcey Forest - initial exhibition

May 10th 2008-May 2009, Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire.

Body weave III

Made with a weave I developed while studying spiders weaving their webs, Body weave III (copper wire) hangs below a branch as though on an invisible hammock, exploring the notion from quantum physics that we are energy/space rather than solid matter. At the same time this figure - ephemeral and almost invisible against the forest canopy, occassionally clearly there depending on the light and weather - explores the idea of a mythical forest creature, a denizen of the forest as seen/imagined by our ancestors.

Body weave III detailBody weave IIIBody weave III

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You may also want to look at Body weave III (detail) (Giclee print).

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Getting there
By car:
There are two main car parks in Salcey Forest:
Horse box car park (nearest): parking and information
Cafe car park: parking, information, cafe, children's play area and picnic area

By public transport:
Nearest rail station: Milton Keynes Central or Northampton (see train timetables)
Bus 33 from Northampton or Milton Keynes Central to Hartwell