Art in Salcey Forest - original exhibition

May 10th 2008-May 2009, Salcey Forest, Northamptonshire


More of an installation than a sculpture, Light comprises five 'beams' coming out of the trunk of this Oak tree in a spiral, each 'beam' formed from nine stainless steel wires. I use nine a lot in my work as I find it a fascinating number - all multiples of nine, when the individual numbers are added together, make 9 (e.g. 5 x 9 wires = 45, 4+5=9).

Light is a pure expression of my interest in using line to draw in 3-dimensions. The photos were taken early Summer, Summer and Autumn.

Light   Light   Light

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Getting there
By car:
There are two main car parks in Salcey Forest:
Horse box car park (nearest): parking and information
Cafe car park: parking, information, cafe, children's play area and picnic area

By public transport:
Nearest rail station: Milton Keynes Central or Northampton (see train timetables)
Bus 33 from Northampton or Milton Keynes Central to Hartwell